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Walking into the room like Mike Muir in the "You can't bring me down" video

England's controversial extraction of personal medical histories from GP systems is delayed for a second time

Incredibly annoyed that his penis-replacement space dong didn't blow up on re-entry.

If I was crew on that monstrosity I would certainly have sacrificed myself for the greater good.

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UK Hellscape 

Government advice for those that are vulnerable?

Do your shopping at 2am

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UK Hellscape 

BBC "coronavirus update" currently on TV.

It's a huge propaganda piece. So far the "report" has featured footage of nightclubs opening with crowds smiling, drinking and dancing.

Interviews all saying they are so glad everything is back to normal and specifically that they are not at all worried and are happy to see everyone having fun.

Meanwhile infection figures are worse than January

Critical SQL Injection Vulnerability Patched in WooCommerce

If you have any woocommerce sites, make sure you apply this update if you haven’t already

BBC news: Boris is amazing for removing restrictions with predictions of 100,000 new Covid cases per day throughout the summer being entirely acceptable.

Also BBC News: *to an SNP politician* Cases in Scotland are currently well below 100,000 cases per day and falling. How have you fucked this so badly?

American speakers claim they write dates as month/day/year because that’s the way they always say dates when they speak.

Fair enough. What day is it tomorrow?


"A maj­or wit­n­ess in the United States’ Depart­ment of Justice ca­se against Ju­li­an Assange has admitted to fabricat­ing key accusati­ons in the indict­ment against the Wiki­leaks found­er."

Banning Surveillance-Based Advertising

"The Norwegian Consumer Council just published a fantastic new report: Time to Ban Surveillance-Based Advertising."

*cracks Bluetooth keyboard like a set of knuckles*

Opinion havin’ time…

NEW! We have made the start menu take an extra 5 minutes to open because it's downloading scam ads for downloadable RAM and psychic diet plans.

PLUS! 2 icons in the menu will still be from the DOS era and out of alignment by 3 pixels.

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Does anyone get excited over Windows announcements?

Surely we have seen Microsoft's output be consistently the shittest of the shit for 40+ years now so there's no need to expect anything good even if the announcement sounds okay.

Windows 10.
Running off an SDCard.

I love taking 10 minutes to get to the desktop

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