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Microsoft has silently added their GPG key and their VSCode repository to Raspberry Pi OS (formerly Raspbian)

Even if you don't install anything from their repos it still pings MS every time you apt update, plus allows them to possibly override packages you install.

The new page/post editor on WordPress is shit shit double shit.

What a mess. No wonder the most installed plugin is the one that brings the classic editor back.

That's shit too, but at least you can see what's actually going on with it.

“Facebook has been helping law enforcement identify Capitol rioters”

When you don’t think the worlds greatest spying machine will be used against you

UK Politics / Chagos 

UK government confirms that it will piss in the UN's face regarding the Chagos Islands


Geoff Amazon to reinvent himself as a Psytrance DJ after microdosing gorilla pubes at swanky Silicon Valley hacking party


Lots of people are just now noticing how the existing system will close ranks to stop ANY deviation from the "sensible" setup where rich get richer and plebs know their place at the bottom.

The UK left saw this with the nuclear bullshit firehose that started spraying in every direction when Corbyn became Labour leader.

The system is non-negotiable

Gamestop / Biden 

Poor Biden. He's made some impressively progressive (considering how low everyone's expectations were) moves over the last few days and now he is going to have to step into the Gamestop issue to squash the little guys and help the hedge funds.

Democratic donors will demand it.

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