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"The proposed UK data protection framework would give unprecedented freedom to reuse personal data against the will of the individuals concerned, for good and bad purposes alike. The few remaining legal boundaries would be undermined in practice by watered down accountability rules, weaker supervision, and increased bureaucracy for individuals seeking redress."

Suicide mention, Instagram 

Lawmakers Ask Zuckerberg to Drop 'Instagram for Kids' After Report Says App Made Kids Suicidal

politics of the uk 

Government says discrimination against black people and Travellers ‘objectively justified’ with new laws

uk politics, labour ridiculousness 

Labour tells its members that it considers political disagreement a hate crime.

UK Politics. Labour party shittiness 

UK Labour party trying to expel the chair of the Young Labour organisation for opposing transphobia.

Spring tears down math geek t-shirt listing because it dared to mention the trademarked word 'zeta'

An American company owns the trademark on every letter in the Greek alphabet so this guy’s maths t-shirt got banned. Pure stupidity.

"In summary, it appears that Sky subscribers aren’t being directly monitored per se, but the servers they draw most bandwidth from are being noted by Sky and that data is being forwarded for anti-piracy enforcement."

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"Sky is compiling data on which IP addresses subscribers are pulling most data from during (and potentially before) *sports*match or event times. Sky then uploads the highest-trafficked IP addresses along with the port the traffic is streamed on to the S3 bucket mentioned above, every five minutes. It is then accessed by the anti-piracy company which, every five minutes, extracts the IP, bandwidth rate, and the port number that bandwidth is on."

Does anyone know how to clear chats in ? The latest iOS app for Nextcloud talk says it’s now possible but the feature must be well hidden as I can’t find it anywhere

GCHQ contiued access to UK citizens health data directly from the NHS 

Spy agency GCHQ, which has been found by the European Court of Human Rights to have acted unlawfully in its mass surveillance of citizens, is being allowed by the UK government to extend its powers over NHS IT systems

“Apple gets to decide whether or not their phones will monitor their owners’ infractions for the government, but it's the government that gets to decide on what constitutes an infraction... and how to handle it.”

Ed Snowden latest piece on Apple’s plans

Baby on nevermind album cover sues nirvana for child pornography.

Ludicrous, but if he wins then you must worry if you have the album on your iPhone

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