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Canadian politics, surveillance, psyops 

Canada’s Military Is Spying on Canadian Citizens

“The Canadian military has been caught using PSYOP tactics it honed in Afghanistan on domestic soil. The dirty tricks, which included a scheme to spread panic about imaginary wolf attacks in Nova Scotia”

Apple's iPhone computer vision has the potential to preserve privacy but also break it completely

Good article that also mentions Apple now has incredible on-device facial-recognition able to recognise faces at all angles and obscurity. Combine that with a system that automatically alerts the police when it finds a photo of interest and you can no longer trust your device not to snitch on you

Remember when bands had a guestbook and that WAS social media?

Literally was better online then than now.

apple intruding into your device / mind 

Of course, as the image scanning only triggers a notification to police or Government when there are multiple matches, you can get round the intrusion by only storing one image on your device at a time

Looking forward to Apple reporting me to the pigs because I have No Love Deep Web in my music collection

Brexit was the clearest message yet that Britain demands the return of 1980s style golden wonder packets.

UK Online "safety" bill 

Tories have obviously been investing in age verification companies and now must mandate their use so they can bank a profit

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UK Online "safety" bill 

"What is being proposed is age checks on sites and services with user-to-user content or communication across the board, meaning all content, all sites, all services, and all users, all the time, excepting sites which are deemed ‘child safe’. "

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