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UK newspaper scum 

UK newspapers had a man murdered in 1987 and have been derailing investigations into that murder right up to the present day.

Windows 11 

Microsoft 2015: Windows 10 will be the last ever version of Windows.
Microsoft 2021: Windows 10 end of life next year. Windows 11 will replace it.

No doubt it will be just as half-arsed as every other Windows release with icons from every previous version scattered about the OS and 2 or even 3 different settings areas for users to get lost in.

You love to see it

"Surveys show anywhere from 25% to upwards of 40% of workers are thinking about quitting their jobs."

Some good ideas and attractive mock-ups to "To lead the industry towards technology that is truly respectful of human attention.
To align the incentives for developers with the users best interest."

Politics mainly US 

Noam Chomsky: The Elites Are Fighting a Vicious Class War All the Time

This is a good interview. All Chomsky interviews are good of course but read it anyway

That feel when you solve an issue that’s taken 3 days of debugging.

Is the U.K. government preparing to censor discussions about migration?

“Under the upcoming Online Safety Bill, service providers will be required to limit the reach of or remove content, including user-generated content, which qualifies as legal and permissible speech but which could be considered subjectively “harmful” to adults or to children.”

We can see where this is going...

FBI drops subpoena to identify readers of USA Today article about shootout with agents

This is likely due to getting the same information directly from the NSA without needing to involve the newspaper at all.

BBC news called him a self-made billionaire yesterday.



They literally think one man can work hard enough to earn $188.6 Billion.

Total unthinking boot-licking.

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I'm already getting a very "billionaire killed in space tragedy" vibe from the Bezos space trip news.

"Apple, Mozilla, Google, Microsoft form group to standardize browser plug-ins"

so that Google can strangle ad blocking plugins on other browsers


Why must everything be a total ballache with this infernal software?

-Do minor release upgrade
-Search stops working
-Fix search
-Main menu disappears


Can you tell Adobe owns this shite?

Amazon Devices Will Soon Automatically Share Your Internet With Your Neighbours

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