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Organisations and individuals are relying on the expertise of these people and they are being misled into breaking the law.

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Actually shocked at the amount of SEO and online advertising experts that have no idea about GDPR requirements.

Asking developers to embed tracking scripts without any thought about acquiring visitor consent.

"It's fine because everyone does it" etc

UK Local Politics 

When Labour lose horrifically in todays local elections it will help to understand that the goal of the right of the party is not to win elections.

Their goal is to remain in power within the party itself. Winning in the traditional sense doesn't come into it.

This is why they are telling party members to fuck off, expelling members, firing campaign teams, hand-picking shit candidates, agreeing with Tories, sucking up to the right-wing press etc.

Signal banned for booking obviously targeted ads? That story's too good to be true, Facebook claims

However, they do admit that most of the ads would have been banned for the exact reasoning behind the Signal campaign: I.e. you are not allowed to tell people you targeted the ad to their sexuality or medical conditions that you DID use to target them.

The Government assault on your privacy rights

“We should be extremely worried. Proposals seem to have regressed to the kind of thinking we saw at the worst moments of the New Labour government.”

Love to see Americans* on "hacker" "news" arguing that unions are bad actually from their no paternity leave, minimal maternity leave, no annual leave, no job protection, health insurance rip-off country*

The bootlicking is so strong there that you get everyday plebs arguing to be stomped on harder by their bosses.

*not all Americans obvs

politics in the United Kingdom 

Labour Wants to Win Back the Working Class. The Problem Is It Has No Idea Who They Are

Just fried my X270. Dodgy peripheral did something funky to the USB port and now the machine smells of smoke and won't turn on.

Shit 😭

Won't somebody please think of the children!!! UK to mount fresh assault on end-to-end encryption in Facebook

Not waving, but crowning: The coverage of Prince Philip's death shows the diseased state of the British media

The daily mail told the uk government to delete a tweet it didn’t like and replace it with one written by the Mail.

The UK government did as it was told

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