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Love when Gutenburg cannot centre align a fucking button.

How old is this stupid editor now?

UK Politics / Police 

The (heavily-edited) thin blue line: News stories about protests parrot the police's words

UK Politics / Rishi Sunak Found the Magic Money Tree 

"After 2010 British politics was shaped by one idea above all others: austerity. We were told that there wasn't enough money to pay for EMA, university fees, council housing or even the existing range of benefits. And yet the government's response to Covid-19 demonstrates the extent to which that was a political choice rather than an economic inevitability. Most striking of all? Even the BBC is saying it."

UK politics 

You will notice that no matter how much any tory MP talks up liberties they will NEVER vote that way. They always vote with the rest of the party and always in an extremely authoritarian direction.

See recent police bill voting for an example. Zero tory rebels as always.

Don't get your wallet inspected, never trust a tory.

Murder / Police mention 

This comes shortly after a law was passed giving UK police complete legal freedom to commit any crime including murder and rape without consequences.

Perfectly normal country

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Murder / Police mention 

A young woman was recently murdered by a policeman on her way home from a night out in the UK so this is being done to make women feel safer

Two UK Broadband ISPs Trial New Internet Snooping System

We knew it was coming but this is still awful. We need some leaks to get more information on the implementation.

White on one side, red on the other, this neck-wrapping garment features not only one of the Three Lions cruelly handcuffed by the United Kingdom's anti-English, dinner party munching, liberal, celtic, Londoncentric metropolitan elite that you have hallucinated into existence, but also the Monopoly board policeman sending you to the prison cell where, in your fevered imagination, you are set to spend the rest of your miserable life.

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Got one of these arriving soon. Plus the Streatham Rovers one. Can’t wait:

These Days You Get Arrested & Thrown In Jail If You Say You're English scarf | Bastardo Sports

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