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"The Telegraph looks like a newspaper and is treated like a newspaper ... but it isn’t a newspaper — it’s the periodical wing of the Tory Party ... Once you understand that The Telegraph’s aim is not to inform but to agitate and anger its shrinking but increasingly extreme readership it all makes sense.

Any journalism that The Telegraph publishes ... is a distraction from its central mission of ‘pwning the libs’ and sustaining the Tories."

Of course, the government is cutting Media Studies funding — it doesn't want you to know how the 'magic' tricks are done

“The media and its owners — a very small group of very rich people — have to argue against Media Studies because if it were popular far more people would be asking a lot more questions about how stories are framed, sold, and consumed.”

UK government minister today: "We cannot - and should not - try to edit or censor our past. At the heart of liberal democracies is a belief that history should be studied, not censored." NB: UK government censored 6,656 files in the national archives

UK COVID strategy leans towards immunising the over 70s then letting the virus spread unchecked through the younger population.

Love having the stupidest people alive in charge of public health.

Bye-bye, Barclay: Sir David Barclay is dead but the zombie Telegraph shambles on...

Good summary of this total shit and his total shit of a twin brother

These people thought Google was just letting CP and hardcore gore float to the top of search results.

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Google is censoring search results.

ORLY? Wait until you hear about search ranking and paid results.

FFS of course they are censoring results.

Tories being bought by US warmongers 

Obviously Boris is going to get binned later this year to take the fall for catastrophic covid + brexit handling, but Gove is going to be his replacement and he is on this list too.

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Tories being bought by US warmongers 

REVEALED: How Boris Johnson and three of his ministers are being courted by a US institute pushing for war with Iran

I’ve been looking into it and it turns out that all heroes do wear capes. No cape, no hero. Sorry.

I always get confused between Ron Paul and Ron Jeremy. They're probably the same person as far as I'm concerned.

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