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“A major High Court ruling today re-asserts 250-year-old aversion of the common law to the use of 'general warrants'.

The ruling means the intelligence agencies can no longer rely on 'general warrants' for certain forms of property interference, including hacking.

In the digital age, where a general warrant could easily enable spying on hundreds, thousands or even millions of people, this is a major victory.”

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US Politics 

The Insurrection Was Predictable

Good article on the situation and what needs to be done. Unfortunately I have many years experience of political outcomes in the UK and USA and I can tell you the Democratic party will absolutely not do what is necessary (just as Labour - currently - wouldn't in the UK) so things are going to get much worse in the coming years

re WhatsApp. The new rules are completely illegal in the EU. GDPR says you cannot restrict access to a service by forcing people to accept terms for their data unrelated to the running of the service e.g. for advertising.

us politics 

Leaving the guy who lost the election in charge for another 3 months doesn’t seem like such a great idea now does it?

Owned my x220 for yonkeys donks and yet only found out a couple of weeks ago that there is a special incantation to stick on the boot parameters that reduces cpu temp and therefore fan usage and extends the battery life greatly. Always something to learn

Pls to have a pinephone with 24hrs+ battery life now thank you

Julian Assange extradition halted 

UK Judge prevents Julian Assange extradition to the US on health grounds:

US will appeal, so this isn't the end. Surprising result though. Everything pointed to the judge approving the extradition.

I notice that people who say "I could care less" never say "I could agree more" in situations where they couldn't agree more.

I guess it’s no surprise that the site is run by a slow-thinking billionaire

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Pretty sure that the site is populated by bad AI that was seeded with only 3 replies

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My superpower is that I can reliably predict all the types of comment you will see on any “hacker” “news” submission just by reading the title of the submission.

Story about Uber raising prices to punish a city for a law it doesn’t like?

Top comment will be how capitalism is fine actually and really it’s da government that is wrong for existing and having the temerity to interfere with a tech (or any) business. Uber should be allowed to do what it likes.

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