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Julian Assange extradition halted 

UK Judge prevents Julian Assange extradition to the US on health grounds:

US will appeal, so this isn't the end. Surprising result though. Everything pointed to the judge approving the extradition.

I notice that people who say "I could care less" never say "I could agree more" in situations where they couldn't agree more.

I guess it’s no surprise that the site is run by a slow-thinking billionaire

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Pretty sure that the site is populated by bad AI that was seeded with only 3 replies

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My superpower is that I can reliably predict all the types of comment you will see on any “hacker” “news” submission just by reading the title of the submission.

Story about Uber raising prices to punish a city for a law it doesn’t like?

Top comment will be how capitalism is fine actually and really it’s da government that is wrong for existing and having the temerity to interfere with a tech (or any) business. Uber should be allowed to do what it likes.


What’s your favourite single malt whiskey? I literally haven’t found one I don’t like yet

Playing on the lovely new Game & Watch Mario Bros. I love it but it's made me realise I used to play Mario Bros 3 a lot more than the first one. I'm not used to Mario's inertia (particularly when running) on MB1 and it's causing me to make ridiculous mistakes.

Great little device though, and the time function is cute.

Facebook Managers Trash Their Own Ad Targeting in Unsealed Remarks

"Facebook is currently waging a PR campaign purporting to show that Apple is seriously injuring American small businesses through its iOS privacy features. But at the same time, according to allegations in recently unsealed court documents, Facebook has been selling them ad targeting that is unreliable to the point of being fraudulent."

Love to have what to think screamed at me by billionaires

Brexit and the worst "newspapers" in the world 

Jingle bellend: The festive f*ckery of Harry Cole, The Sun’s chief propagandist and Brexit bullshitter.

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