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politics of the uk, Jeremy 

Jeremy Corbyn’s Suspension From the Labour Party Is Part of a Wider Assault on Democracy and Dissent

politics of the United Kingdom, labour, Jeremy 

Antisemitism report: By suspending Corbyn, Starmer is tearing Labour apart

Very good article

Okay, migrated to a better machine yesterday but forgot to enable all the right services so the instance was down for ages after a reboot. Ahem 😬

politics of uk and empire 

“Spycops’ Are a Quintessentially British Institution – As the Empire Well Knows”

This is perfect.

Also, how fucking old does this prick tory scum look considering he was born in 1987?!

New Tor Browser update 10.0.2 might need manual update to security settings:

"Note: Now Javascript on the Safest security level is governed by NoScript again. It was set as false when on Safest in 9.5a9. The javascript.enabled preference was reset to true for everyone using Safest beginning in Tor Browser 10.0 and you must re-set it as false if that is your preference."

what the “RAF” base where Harry Dunn was killed really does 

Why is New Zealand avoiding the populism, cranks and conspiracy theories that are enveloping the rest of the English-speaking world?

Previously unreleased video from David Graeber talking about the extreme "Centre"

US right wing terror amateurs 

The grugq dissects the recent right wing terrorist arrests. Great read:

Just found out the Americans call Kilometery Cyrus Miley, the fools.

Already looking forward to going to bed tomorrow night

politics of the United Kingdom/ pigs 

As a Blacklisted Worker, Labour’s Spy Cops Abstention Was a Betrayal

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