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United Kingdom politics / COVID / Tory incompetence 

"Almost every policy disaster thus far has been a result of denial. The Tories initially thought they could protect the pre-COVID economy by avoiding lockdown. They then thought they could put the economy on ice and thaw it out after a few months. They’re now finding that the pre-COVID economy is dead, and they have little idea what to do next.

As always, in a jam, their first stop is to blame the victims of their policy."

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United Kingdom politics / COVID / Tory incompetence 

The Government Is Blaming Young People for Following Its Rules

"It is cynical and unfair to blame young people – who have been more supportive of lockdown than older demographics – for that. As Professor Susan Michie of the Sage group told the BBC, the government has put them in a hopeless bind, urging them to spend money and socialise while blaming them for the virus spreading."

Judge railroads Assange as legal team objects to fresh extradition request

The bare minimum effort made by uk judge to pretend there’s any real procedure or justice here.


I suppose the pigs are left wing compared to murdoch and the tories. Everything is relative

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The s*n claiming uk police are left wing.

Perfectly normal and believable


I have worked out an answer to breggerzit in the UK.

The UK doesn’t leave the EU, but the conservative government just claims that we have.

That’s it. Solved.

All the breggerzit voters are happy because we have left. But they are also happy because we keep all the free movement and other benefits of being in the EU.

politics of the UK 

On Marxist Tories

"Not only do the Tories seem to believe Marx’s ideas, but they are actively striving to make them even truer."


capitalism, uk 

Britain Could Be Great – But It’s a Long Way From it

What is wrong with capitalism, and how can we change it? Download Erik Olin Wright's How to be How to Be an Anticapitalist in the Twenty-First Century, FOR FREE*, until August 30th:

uk politics 

Bannon Backstory Blanked

Uk media reports on bannon arrest without mentioning his close ties to Johnson, cunmings, farage etc


The Ruling Class Doesn’t Believe in Democracy

True. You are never going to see a true left-wing government anywhere ever.

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