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uk politics 

Bannon Backstory Blanked

Uk media reports on bannon arrest without mentioning his close ties to Johnson, cunmings, farage etc


The Ruling Class Doesn’t Believe in Democracy

True. You are never going to see a true left-wing government anywhere ever.

Politics of the United Kingdom 

Labour's vote share has not been falling since 2010

Shame the leadership has been replaced with a vacuum since Corbyn left

Virtualbox on Arch is borked on the latest release. Dammit!

Getting a tattoo of someone having a tattoo removed

Why was a better system not used to grade student results?

"it's because it challenges the class system in two ways. For one thing, it would require the government to respect the judgement of teachers and to treat them as professionals rather than proletarian objects of managerialism. And more importantly, such a rule would advantage bright people from poor schools and penalize mediocre ones from posh schools - which would undermine the point of the UK class system"


politics of the United Kingdom / exceptionalism 

It’s Not Just Brexiteers Who Deal in British Exceptionalism – Centrists Do Too

Little tip if you have an iOS device and don't want to go through the maze of cookie options and GDPR notices on news and other websites.

When the interstitial popup appears asking for permission to drop cookies etc, just tap "reader mode" in the title bar at the top of the screen and it will show the site content without needing to approve anything.

This probably works with Firefox on Android too

Politics from the United Kingdom 

"I saw from the inside how Labour staff worked to prevent a Labour government"

the right-wing of the Labour party are absolute scum

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