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“Protecting statues”


Please sir may I have a dog shit covered boot to lick?

I don’t want to boast, but I though jk Rowling was a twat before she proved it

Watching hacker news argue over whether Facebook is completely correct to show people “news” based on engagement is like watching chimps try to invent optometry.

We are many generations away from them ever getting the right answer.

“What we do know is that public opinion is not immovable, and it shouldn’t be used to justify maintaining or only mildly tweaking an unjust status quo.”

Only 25% of Americans think capitalism is good for society

25% seems high but we are talking about capitalist propaganda- the country

the end of U.K. food standards 

Tories planning on allowing filthy US food standards in the U.K.

Absolutely revolting

I must follow all the right people because I haven’t yet seen a wrong opinion about current events.

politics of the United States / facebook 

Facebook won’t take any action on Trump’s post about shootings in Minnesota

Mark places his tongue firmly inside Donald’s arse and goes at it like a dog eating tripe.

If you are leaving your phone at home while protesting (and you definitely should), remember to leave it switched ON.

If your phone is at home, but off when it isn't normally this flags up as a difference in your normal routine and makes you stand out.

Johnny X's phone was off for the entire time human Y was observed at a place of interest. Suspicious.

Assange, UK Corruption 

Westminster chief magistrate overseeing Assange extradition, is vice-president and cyber-security adviser of a firm heavily invested in a company founded by GCHQ and MI5 which seeks to stop data leaks


Docket expands relationship with microsoft. Microsoft surrounding and embracing the open source / free software big orgs (github, NPM, docker etc) then will either slowly snuff them or add more and more proprietary and/or paid features to dilute the free software message/ideology.

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