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Why do you answer "why do you follow me" polls?

I have to say the way the new Firefox location bar engorges when focused is really annoying. It looks terrible.

The FT is always a great resource for unfiltered capitalist thought

Podcast suggesting the CIA was actually a front organisation existing purely to boost sales of German hair rock bands

Podcast explores whether Rolling Stone article suggesting the Scorpions hit Winds of Change was written by the CIA was written by the CIA

Americans need to know.

best practices for americans.

Why is everything in America restricted to Americans? No other country does this. You would never see a sign in Britain that says “best practices for Britons”.

Why should the UK pensions watchdog be able to spy on your internet activities? Same reason as the Environment Agency and many more

vivid bbc

BBC criticises China for only reporting Coronavirus deaths from hospitals.

The uk would obviously never use such egregious methods of reporting deaths

Things you can tell from the way I walk:

1. I am a women's man
2. No time to talk
3. I have shit myself

The U S of A
The United S of America
The U States of A
The United States of A
T U S of America
T United S of A
T U States of A

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