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I love it when hacker news does backflips trying to excuse why “free “ “market” capitalism is best even though it is provably the worst system of anything invented ever.

the politics of the United Kingdom

Tom mills on the UK election, the bbc and the generally shit state of the media

HN: eHy can’t i fOLlow my twitters on a piXelFEd?

I aM very SMart

What’s the longest time you have taken to boost something after favouriting it?

The Fall are such a good band Americans named an entire season after them.

“Yeah just DM me”

*hands over dungeon masters handbook and small pouch of dice*

You get some real arseholes on the road.

My new technology will let nearby drivers vote on which car is being driven badly or aggressively and when a car receives many votes it will be safely stopped and disabled for 10 minutes.

I’m going to Elon musk this idea by getting someone else to invent and build it then take all the credit for myself

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