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Who do you think is going to win the Mercury?

Peak hacker news comment. Commenter literally thinks all international transactions have to be converted through American dollars. Because America.

Exceptionalism is a hell of a drug

>Azure VM.
>Red Hat Linux
>A python process is going nuts, consuming lots of cpu time and memory causing MySQL daemon to terminate
>it’s Microsoft diagnostics

Still at least it’s actually up eh!

thee politics of the United Kingdom 

Jeremy Corbyn Has Called the Extreme Centrists’ Bluff

“With his proposal for a caretaker government to stop a No Deal Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn has finally torn the mask off the hardline Remainers and centrist ultras. They’d rather see Britain crash out of the EU under Boris Johnson than risk departing from neoliberalism under Jeremy Corbyn.”

The KNOB attack

"The specification of Bluetooth includes an encryption key negotiation protocol that allows to negotiate encryption keys with 1 Byte of entropy without protecting the integrity of the negotiation process. A remote attacker can manipulate the entropy negotiation to let any standard compliant Bluetooth device negotiate encryption keys with 1 byte of entropy and then brute force the low entropy keys in real time."

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