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Good morning all crew. I hope you have a great day.

The politics of the United Kingdom 

When your posts are all: "nazis must always be allowed so we can debate them" and zero actual debating a nazi out of his views then you should think about how you are using your energy and whether it's the most positive thing you could be doing.

The "DC" in Fontaines DC stands for the same thing it does in Washington DC:

Dublin City.

Just popping out for a bit. Does anyone need anything?

Let me tell you this: No English person will ever spill the tea.


When someone says they're a gamer, they mean they play candy crush on their phone.

There is also an alpha-gamer that plays words with friends.

...and the code indetation is all wrong which may be the bigger crime.

Just looking over the code for a payment gateway and noticed that the IPN verification function just checks that the word "success" is in the URL.

oh boy.

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