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Assange sentenced to 50 weeks for bail-jumping.

Next up, the extradition and sentencing to death in America for encouraging a source to provide newsworthy information for the good of the world.

YouTube to ban the phrase "hi guys" and video screenshots that include bright colours and a close-up of a shocked face.

Lip service as a service.

Do you need to pay lip service to something?

Pay us to pay lip service to that thing with lip service as a service.

Also, make some extra cash on the side as a lip server serving lip service as a service to things that need servicing by lips.

Get a tattoo of a tattoo artist doing a crap tattoo on your body where the actual tattoo is

America's most hotly anticipated sequel, the thirteen gauge shotgun to be released this summer.

Trying to get a PS3 controller to work in RetroArch on Gnome and it's killing me.

Gnome makes it easy to connect (plug the controller in with bluetooth settings open, then click "allow")

but the controller then does nothing in RetroArch.


Old English names were based on profession (Cooper, Butcher, Smith), but haven't been updated for hundreds of years despite new jobs appearing.

It's time we saw "Johnny Webdev", "Claude Podcaster" and "Ethel MPC500"

Skip the surveillance by cutting off your face before visiting the airport

When you see a brunt, don't forget to bear it.

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