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remembering when tracks were released instead of dropped

"Venture capitalists have subsidized the creation of platforms for low-paying work that deliver on-demand servant services to rich people, while subjecting all parties to increased surveillance."

Connections your iOS device makes when you have analytics turned off and start listening to music using the built in music app.

People who say Apple doesn't track you are full of shit

We have been awarded €2 million from the EU to further develop the Proton ecosystem

via @protonmail


You can follow multiple hashtags on Mastodon very easily:

1. Search for a hashtag
2. Go to the search results column, open its options and select "Pin"
3. On the pinned column, open its options and select "Include additional tags for this column"
4. Add all the hashtags you want to follow to "Any of these"

This pinned column will then show results for the tags you add to it.

It allows you to follow topics in a single column the same way you would follow people.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #Hashtags

Yung Tory will definitely have to change his name if he wants to do well in the UK

Transcript leak: Inside Facebook's secret crisis meeting, where Zuck and Sheryl race to save social network's rep

😂 😂

Me: Do you need to go to the toilet?
Toddler: No
Me: Are you sure?

Recently people talked about the #Duolingo Android app sending your data to facebook without your consent.

iOS app:
- facebook
- Google
- Doubleclick
- app-measurement. com
- app.adjust. com
- Unity Ads
- Amazon (for images)

This is illegal by GDPR.


Time to give them an AppStore review about tracking I guess.

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