Kim Darroch’s 6 Ways to manipulate Donald Trump 

@feonixrift does google voice exist in the uk? I’ve never seen it here? If so that would do nicely!

@emsenn @clarjon1 lol the original post is true I’m afraid. The screenshot is real, not a fabrication!

Absolutely sucks that "sport" gets a slot in every news programme.

It's so arbitrary. Why not report on pub quizzes or computer games instead?

Sport a shit.

@jeffalyanak unfortunately not. I log out as soon as I'm done using the account so nothing is ever left logged in

@jeffalyanak y eah I tried that. The only option is adding a phone number 😕

Request for monkey 

Request for monkey 

Request for monkey 

I just realised my piphany is one of those new electric ones

Going to go and buy a £1 throw-away SIM just for this login.

Google can fuck off.

google> We must send you a text to verify it's you logging in

google> But we don't have your phone number. Please give it to us now so we can send you the text

me> This is very secure and not at all a poor attempt at harvesting my phone number

Trump "social media summit" 

OKCupid question:

"What is your favourite Autechre live set?"

@doctorflappy An outcome that comes to my mind is that the UK retroactively made all the illegal stuff GCHQ was doing "legal".

It's still being challenged in the courts but GCHQ will not lose

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