Dollars to be renamed "dollons" because it's a much better name

Politics of the United Kingdom / Repression / Anti-Snowden Show more

Politics of the United Kingdom / Repression / Anti-Snowden Show more

* year 2000 + 19
* Network communication still insecure as fuck with no end in sight so NSA can interfere in left wing governments and sabotage non-US companies

The ride never ends

America is REALLY shitting its knickers over Huawei.

Imagine if all network comms was encrypted and made use of other privacy preserving techniques.

Then it wouldn't matter if bad china boogeyman controlled the infrastructure.

But then, noble heroes NSA wouldn't be able to do their heroic industrial espionage for benefit of greatest americo so 🤷

@galaxis Good call, that is a possibility. I've been keeping the kernel up to date so there might have been a change there that has affected things. Will check it out, thanks

@galaxis I had it on a VM on a Mac Mini (2012). The Mac has 4 cores but vm was limited to 2. i5, @2.4Ghz

It used to run ok, but sometime in the last few masto versions performance died. Load at a constant 20(!) and very slow sidekiq processing. Too slow to keep up with the queue.

RAM was 3GB but only around 60% used (it's only a 2 person instance).

I increased sidekiq workers and db pool, and switched off elasticsearch but it made no difference.


OK so if you are thinking of running a Mastodon instance on a machine with 2 or less CPU cores, forget it.

“Chrome will ... change cookies to be more private so only the site that created them can use them”

Er, you mean cookies DON’T work like this is Chrome currently?

People watch a billion years of 4K video per day on YouTube

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