Ok, don't update Virtualbox with the latest version in their repos (not for Ubuntu anyway) because it's broken and the kernel modules won't build meaning you can't start any VMs


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Linux touchpad like a Macbook: progress and a call for help!

Define the goal:

To create a touchpad solution for Linux that serves as many users as possible, we want to be maximally objective in describing what we aim to deliver.

The current preferred plan forward:

1) to fork libinput (overview doc, contributor docs, source), and

2) find up to three developers dedicated to making a measurably better driver.

==> bill.harding.blog/linux-touchp
#Linux #touchpad #Macbook #libinput #developers

Really pleased the megacorps are concentrating on gaming now.

All the time they're fucking that up, they're leaving the things I like alone

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Great Video.
Research about how Facebook tracks you. I hope this type of research will show the world how toxic FB is as a company. #deletefacebook

35C3 - How Facebook tracks you on Android

ASUS was pushing a backdoored update to customers for months last year Show more

ASUS was pushing a backdoored update to customers for months last year Show more

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did you know: this website has a mute button you can use if you dont like someones posts and you dont have to start a moral crusade to cancel them

TBH I didn't think there could be a more incompetent PM in British history than Cameron until May slithered onto the scene

Still, at least Brexitt took up all her cognitive bandwidth

Theresa May is going. Coup underway apparently.

Classic backstabbing tories

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US loophole on prosecution of domestic terror Show more

@zyx use both to see which one makes people wince more

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@zyx oh yeah, I'd never noticed that one!

So should it be:

Code Cad Me


Co d'Cademy?

apple to launch shit streaming service packed with crappy american tv shows

Good job all their customers live in the US eh


everyone knows at least one person that says "pin-interest"

Daily reminder that the BBC has never been a reliable news source.

They are propaganda for the elite/existing authority and have never and will never deviate from that

The BBC: Myth of a Public Service by Tom Mills is a good read for the entire history of the BBCs bootlicking

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11G accounts/
928M custom_emojis/
17G media_attachments/
3.4G preview_cards/

This seems excessive for ~95 user instance with not much traffic. Does that look right? #support

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