The Sordid State of The Most Successful Political Party in the World

Good article, although technically wrong because prior to 2019 the tories hadn't won an election since 1997.

@vfrmedia @bob I can see why the UK media were so happy when he was elected. The tories have nothing to fear from Kieth, he either agrees with them or goes further to the right than they would.

@bob totally agree. Typical Blairite lack of ideas. Just re-run 1997 like nothing has changed.

Good to see you back BTW

Microsoft has silently added their GPG key and their VSCode repository to Raspberry Pi OS (formerly Raspbian)

Even if you don't install anything from their repos it still pings MS every time you apt update, plus allows them to possibly override packages you install.

The new page/post editor on WordPress is shit shit double shit.

What a mess. No wonder the most installed plugin is the one that brings the classic editor back.

That's shit too, but at least you can see what's actually going on with it.

@MutoShack @AbbieNormal @abbienormal Cats imported now! A few were too large as @MutoShack mentioned but most imported okay.

👍 :ablobcatwink:

“Facebook has been helping law enforcement identify Capitol rioters”

When you don’t think the worlds greatest spying machine will be used against you

UK Politics / Chagos 

UK government confirms that it will piss in the UN's face regarding the Chagos Islands


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