politics of France. 

@Stoori I think it covers everyone. I guess the idea is to lock up the people that share teachers info to incite violence before the violence occurs.

politics of France. 

BBC News - France's Macron issues 'republican values' ultimatum to Muslim leaders.

• Children will be given an IDENTIFICATION NUMBER to help locate them.
• Imams must register.
• No political actions as Muslims.

Macron is going full Marine Le Pen

Centrists always think they have to out-racist the far right


If you're familiar with Page Speed Insights you'll know that Google actually complains that AMP pages load too much 3rd party Javascript which is great because IT'S MANDATORY 😐

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Good. AMP fucking sucks.

Not that I ever see it. I don't use google search and as a result have never seen an AMP page that I didn't build myself

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Politics, social network misinformation 

There are a lot of people out there who have an ENTIRELY different view of reality that they have picked up through right-wing propaganda on Facebook and Twitter. I've heard some of the exact same phrases in this video repeated by people I know.

'left-wing biased MSM' etc.


Sir Keith picks possibly the worst song ever written as his desert island disc because there is nothing right with him

@rysiek It was awful.

Most questions leading the respondent towards extreme right-wing views. Plus other questions such as "how well do you think the NHS is run currently?"

On it's own that question tells you nothing. Maybe I dislike that currently the NHS is badly managed by a collection of for-profit companies, but if I answer "badly run" the government could conclude that I want the parts that aren't privatised to be handed over to corporations!

Completing "British Social Attitudes Survey"

I get the feeling these questions are pointing me towards a certain viewpoint.

The whole survey is like this

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