Walt Mossberg feels he can no longer use any facebook products.

Pic for those like me who won't visit the site (at least not without using the Tor browser)

Europe reassures Britain it has been a laughing stock for decades


“And your food is actually worse than America’s.”

now hang on, that's a bit much. The rest is true though.

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"GoogleStalker is a tool to make people realize how much data Google has on you and how detailed this data is."


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congratulations windows nobody fucking likes you
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@jcbrand @strypey @Aerdan

To understand why companies do what they do you really need to look at it from the perspective of the business model.

Google's business model is targeted advertising. To target ads you have to control the platform, otherwise people will just choose a less spammy platform without ads. With XMPP/GTalk, Google couldn't really control or read everything which went on there. There could be other independent xmpp servers which they couldn't so easily datamine or push ads to.

Not having control of the platform was why Google abandoned various open standards. I think they will also eventually abandon the Linux kernel for the same reason, at least on mobile. Linux isn't ever likely to agree to having display rendering dumping ads to the screen in a manner that the user can't block, or the kernel level telemetry they're planning.
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@wion it’s honestly ok. Lots of nods to (and a few actors from) the original with a storyline that’s different enough to be interesting. I’m glad I gave it a chance

Ozzy Osbourne and Richard Osman are two of the lesser known Osmands. Always overlooked in favour of Donny and little Jimmy.

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surveillance nightmare. don't read before going to bed. Show more

Watching the new ghostbusters. Apart from it being unnecessary to remake a classic it’s not bad so far.

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Facebook files for ill-timed patent for feature that knows where you're going before you do. This is probably not what you signed up for when you joined Facebook.


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J'ai vu ça et j'ai pensé à toi Masto :p

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⚠️ If you're using the #WordPress 5.0 branch, update to version 5.0.1 now! ⚠️
Fixes for 7 #security vulnerabilities. Some allow site takeover, and also a pretty serious privacy leak.

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