BBC propaganda 

@jens @June It's always been fairly bad but since the establishment panic over Corbyn, then having two arch Tories installed as director general and chairman it's got a lot worse

BBC propaganda 

@a_breakin_glass That peak early on was 414,000 cases which makes 29k look small

BBC propaganda 

This is how the BBC is reporting coronavirus case figures for different countries. As you can easily see, the UK compares well with other countries.

politics of the United Kingdom 

@amerika You are comically wrong about everything you have mentioned

politics of the United Kingdom 

Why Have the Tories Cut Universal Credit?

“For the Tories, capitalism isn't a dynamic economic powerhouse requiring fearsome skills to manage, but a straightforward pyramid of class rule to be protected. This is what 200 years of modern Conservatism has taught us. They're serious about prosecuting their class interests. It's about time we matched that determination with some of our own.”


Does anyone use Lollipop Flatpak? (

I can't seem to get it to scan my music collection. Maybe due to it being a network drive (sshfs or webdav)

TFW you want a cup of cofe and then realise that you made one 10 mins ago and it's now ready to drink.

The mainstream critique of Facebook is surprisingly compatible with Facebook's own narrative about its products. FB critics say that the company's machine learning and data-gathering slides disinformation past users' critical faculties, poisoning their minds.

Good thread:

@Zergling_man there is a wp-config.php file where the DB connection is set. It was previously using a .env file to set constants that were then used in the wp-config.php but I have stripped that out to set the vars directly.

Each site has its own content which appears on the backend of each site correctly too - they don't show each others content!

@Zergling_man Yep. If I set one theme as active then try to visit the other site I will see this as the template doesn't exist there.

However, checking the DB for the second site shows the original theme is still set there

I should also add that they are on the same server with PHP FPM running as the same user for both domains.

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I have 2 separate WordPress installs. One is on a subdomain of the other. Each have their own database.

When I change the active theme on either of the installs it will change the theme on both.

Setting Theme A as active on site 1 will also set theme A on site 2.

Visiting site 2 will then show an error as Theme A does not exist there.

Lastly, viewing the wp_settings table shows that the each site still has the correct themes and Site 2 does not have Theme A set as active!

How? I'm stumped

Starmer's Ten Principles 

@celesteh plus Starmer has already ditched every one of the 10 pledges he made to the Labour membership before being elected leader.

The man is completely untrustworthy.

"The proposed UK data protection framework would give unprecedented freedom to reuse personal data against the will of the individuals concerned, for good and bad purposes alike. The few remaining legal boundaries would be undermined in practice by watered down accountability rules, weaker supervision, and increased bureaucracy for individuals seeking redress."

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