Whenever Linux is discussed on "hacker" "news" some ding dong IMMEDIATELY pops up to bleat about how unreliable Linux is.

Are these people just repeating nonsensical received wisdom like they do when talking about Socialism or Communism?

Yes. Yes they are.

"oh Linux? That's the one where it doesn't work and is unreliable"

"oh Communism, that's the one where gulag and corruption"


I avoid hacker news precisely because it's full of ancaps, but I just assumed it had, you know, actual hackers.

@celesteh It is full of Sinophobic ancaps who never tire of telling everyone how the way your country does things is backwards and the way America does things is The Natural Order of the Universe. They have every tired cliche they heard since they were children to back their views up and can't wait to spew them over every thread that is even remotely related.

So not many real hackers, and the couple that are are absolute billionaire bootlickers.

You're right to avoid the place

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