GCHQ contiued access to UK citizens health data directly from the NHS 

Spy agency GCHQ, which has been found by the European Court of Human Rights to have acted unlawfully in its mass surveillance of citizens, is being allowed by the UK government to extend its powers over NHS IT systems

@Main_Tomato Apparently the deadline to opt-out of NHS data sharing has been put back. There are details here:

and on the NHS website here:

However, GCHQ will have access to the data regardless of your opt-out status.

Opting out just stops shady companies from using your health data to scam and/or manipulate you

@Main_Tomato there are 2 opt-outs. One has to be printed, signed and given to your GP. That stops the GP from uploading your data.

The second opt-out is the one you can supposedly do online. That prevents hospitals and other orgs uploading your data. It deliberately will not recognise your NHS number or other details (it says I don't exist too) so you are forced to download the form and fill it in manually. They know most people won't bother.

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