Uk to destroy its privacy regulations in effort to boost scam industries and sell out its citizens in every possible way

@paul “data-driven growth and innovation” … or what I call “people farming.”

@paul @thegibson One more step towards the UK admitting Brexit was always about becoming a US state 😼


Jokes aside: my condolences for your loss


Well, that's something they've been working on for a long time, and what Oliver Dowden says there about industry and "creating value" (aargh, the Bullshit is strong!) is in line with that direction, but that doesn't mean they'll be dropping privacy entirely (because they still want to do business with the EU).

What really comes of it will depend a lot on what John Edwards does once in office, and I know nothing about him or his track record ... do you have info?

@Mr_Teatime no, I don't know anything about Edwards yet.

So far it seems clear that the tories are going the same route as with Northern Ireland: Bullshit and do what they like, breaking laws and rules as necessary, then cry about the nasty EU not liking the result afterwards.

That seem eerily plausible...

I'd really like to know what Edward's track record is. If the Tories want to properly gut privacy, they'd have to appoint some easy pushover. "previous privacy officer for Facebook" would be a really good CV for that person. But maybe they're going for someone with more credibility because that'll help sell the results. Or maybe -- just maybe -- they just made it a little harder for themselves by accident?

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