Wi-Fi devices set to become object sensors by 2024 under planned 802.11bf standard

"In three years or so, the Wi-Fi specification is scheduled to get an upgrade that will turn wireless devices into sensors, capable of gathering data about the people and objects bathed by their signals."

@paul I had no idea such things were in development. Thanks for sharing.

@kensanata @paul Agreed!

In a couple of years anything you type on your keyboard can be captured by someone outside your home with a WiFi router.

I thought we were living in surveillance dystopia already... I wonder what this is gonna do for industrial espionage.

@tinyrabbit @kensanata @paul It's a terrible feeling to read something like this, and immediately think that it's April 1, and I want to see this published by someone else at a later date. Mostly because I don't want to believe it.

Good point. But then you see pages like these:
which mentions "Measurements obtained with WLAN sensing are used to enable applications such as presence detection and gesture classification, among others. The specification of such applications is beyond the scope of the project." in section 8.1
At least with a superficial following of more than one link it still checks out.
@tinyrabbit @paul

@vollink @tinyrabbit @kensanata This was published on 31st of March so no joke.

Here's a paper from 2013 detailing the same technology

this one from 2020 is similar. Detection of human activity with wifi signals:

@paul is a great move! this type of surveillance would be great as a domestic commodity! now only some sort of firewall, blocker or interceptor is needed to stop those signals going to clandestine units organized for utilizing it as a freedom restriction mechanism.

@paul when it was demonstrated a few years back, heart beats and whispers could be monitored.

@paul Soon "802.11bf UNSUPPORTED" will be a privacy feature

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