re WhatsApp. The new rules are completely illegal in the EU. GDPR says you cannot restrict access to a service by forcing people to accept terms for their data unrelated to the running of the service e.g. for advertising.

@paul Wonder whether I should grab some popcorn and beer and watch what happens. So far, apparently, being illegal in terms of GDPR hasn't very much hurt any of the big players.

@z428 There are cases going through European courts, and have been since the day the GDPR came into effect. It's a slow process apparently. Max Schrems organisation is involved in a lot of good work.

@paul Really hope it will work and put an end to this mess. Unfortunately, still it's much more likely that somewhat tech-savvy / privacy-aware people will keep bashing and shaming those who keep using WhatsApp because they can't get their contacts off that platform. 😟

@z428 yes definitely. These companies need to get fined so they change their terms. The annoying thing is how abstract the harms appear to people who aren’t in the tech realm, which means they don’t see a problem with using WhatsApp and therefore won’t switch.

Shaming is a dead end though. People won’t switch to a better alternative just because a nerd is shouting about how evil Facebook is.

@paul Wasn’t it (and other tech company ‘services’) in violation of the GDPR already then?

@mysteriarch Yep. Very much so. Facebook especially. Their continuing transfer of user data to the US is also massively illegal under EU law.

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