Americanos: Did McConnell get trounced?

@paul not trounced, but definitely pipped at the line.

@pizza_pal lol, does that mean he's out though, or still around, just less so?

@paul he'll be the minority leader instead of the majority leader, so yeah, basically.

he is getting pretty old, too, so there will likely be a big, crazy squabble to succeed him.

@paul he won his re-election, so he'll be in the senate for another 6 year term, though.

@pizza_pal I see. I was hoping he'd lose his seat. Still, giving the Republicans a black eye isn't too shabby. Can't wait to see what screaming lunatic replaces him in 6 years.

@paul he was actually on tv just now and said some reasonable things about how some of his colleagues need to shut-the-hell-up about trump's election fraud claims.

so there will definitely be a big dust-up in the republican party, between the crazy trump people and the establishment conservatives.

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