politics of France. 

BBC News - France's Macron issues 'republican values' ultimatum to Muslim leaders.

• Children will be given an IDENTIFICATION NUMBER to help locate them.
• Imams must register.
• No political actions as Muslims.

Macron is going full Marine Le Pen

Centrists always think they have to out-racist the far right

politics of France. 

@paul In the linked BBC article is said, for example the following:

”A ban on sharing the personal information of a person in a way that allows them to be located by people who want to harm them.”

Would this be limited to muslims only, or would this also cover all other cases of doxxing (much of which is done by white far-righters)?

politics of France. 

@Stoori I think it covers everyone. I guess the idea is to lock up the people that share teachers info to incite violence before the violence occurs.

politics of France. 

@paul I hope people in France then start to use these regulations against ”secular” or ”christian” far-right too, so that we can see if they really apply to everyone or if they're in practice only applied to muslims.

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