United Kingdom politics / COVID / Tory incompetence 

The Government Is Blaming Young People for Following Its Rules

"It is cynical and unfair to blame young people – who have been more supportive of lockdown than older demographics – for that. As Professor Susan Michie of the Sage group told the BBC, the government has put them in a hopeless bind, urging them to spend money and socialise while blaming them for the virus spreading."



United Kingdom politics / COVID / Tory incompetence 

"Almost every policy disaster thus far has been a result of denial. The Tories initially thought they could protect the pre-COVID economy by avoiding lockdown. They then thought they could put the economy on ice and thaw it out after a few months. They’re now finding that the pre-COVID economy is dead, and they have little idea what to do next.

As always, in a jam, their first stop is to blame the victims of their policy."

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