1. create YT account
2. upload as many loooong videos as you can. Videos must feature many changes such as completely different scene and colour pallate in every frame to reduce how much video can be compressed
3. never switch on advertising or any monetisation for your channel
4. watch your videos often and get your friends to do the same.

Waste YT money and resources.

@paul Seems like we'd have to work pretty hard to waste more of their money than pirates uploading & downloading videos of songs via youtube-dl etc already are.

@freakazoid those videos make money for YT as they are monetised by the labels automatically

@freakazoid when can't they show ads? I thought if some IP is identified by contentid then the owning company can monetise with ads even if they don't own or control the channel

@paul They can't show ads if you download with youtube-dl or NewPipe.

@dragnucs this is true, although even worse will be the waste of time creating the videos

Crating and uploading the video can be automated. You could just crate a script that generates random color pictures and compiles them into a video then auto uploads them to YT.

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