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Hey friends

I'm periodically having people email me to say that confirmation emails aren't going through

Does anyone have good ideas on how to diagnose / fix this sort of problem?

It has mostly been people with Hotmail / Outlook addresses

(But then I'm pretty sure that we've had successful signups from those domains too, so I'm not sure)

Mastodon admin help request; Boosts++ 

@bgcarlisle There are details here about how to fix Hotmail/Outlook deliverability issues:

Basically you can guarantee deliverability by paying Return Path thousands of dollars every year, or you can make sure you have DKIM, DMARC & SPF all properly configured, sign up for their spam notification service, and if you still have problems you can email their support and they will unblock you for a limited time.

Mastodon admin help request; Boosts++ 

@paul @bgcarlisle
This is all applies he'd run own mail server but he's using mailgun, which I believe is a third-party service.


Mastodon admin help request; Boosts++ 

@avolkov @bgcarlisle Ah ok, then I would contact Mailgun and have them look into it.

If you can set up your own DKIM,SPF and DMARC records then I would do that first though (I don't know if Mailgun handles this for you?)

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