To prevent abuse, Google will charge developers between $15,000 - $75,000 per year for security audits on apps that use the Gmail API

@paul People shouldn't build apps around proprietary garbage. What if your app uses the actual standards, like IMAP? Is Google going to charge people who make IMAP connections to their servers on behalf of the user? How will this affect K9 mail?

Gmail, once an early pinnacle in AJAX applications, is now just a broken, non-standard, garbage layer on top of historical e-mail protocols. I'm glad I ditched it in 2012.

It's impossible to send reliable e-mail today due to overaggressive spam filter

@djsumdog agreed, although as someone who runs their own mail server I have to say hotmail/outlook is much worse with their "spam" filter. They reject almost everything that isn't from one of the big providers and in response tell you to sign up for Return Path certification which is basically £2000 per year (to a microsoft company) to be able to avoid their junk filters.

@paul I wrote about that several years ago:

I was not aware MS had return path certification. That's insane. Maybe I should do another post on how communication now cost money (LinkedIn premium, how Facebook use to charge for some messages .. not sure if they still do).

Even before moving to my own server, I had trouble with gmail-to-gmail messages getting marked as spam. I've though about relaying through a commercial SMTP provider for better chance at delivery.

@djsumdog I think there's a limit on how many emails you can send from a domain per month before MS try to charge you for it.

My personal email always seems to get through to Outlook/Hotmail, but I also provide mail services for a company that sends a lot of email to their clients who all seem to be on hotmail and their email is usually just dropped by MS

For them, we forward through GAPPs smtp server and delivery is perfect

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