on okcupid if you answer the question "do you get annoyed by small spelling mistakes?" with yes it kicks you off the site.

@freakazoid na not really.

you met your wife because you both hate spelling mistakes?

@paul We are pedantic about similar things. Except for misuse of "I" versus "me"; she gets mad at me when I correct her on that.

But we were a 99% match, 0% enemy, and I'm pretty sure that was one of the questions we answered the same.

@paul Actually I think she gets mad because she prefers to be the source, rather than the target, of pedantry.

But since we're now homeschooling our kids I have an excuse.

@freakazoid lol.

I actually used to be slightly annoyed by spelling and grammar mistakes, but these days I'm not fussed. Apart from the phrase "I could care less" which is heresy.

@paul Yeah, I'm not really annoyed by them these days. I am annoyed by misuses of phrases like that, though. Also:

* It's a doggy dog world
* Vice-a versa
* For all intensive purposes

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