America: All regulation is evil, businesses must be allowed to do whatever they like

Telcos: *Sell your detailed location data to bounty hunters and anyone else who asks*


@paul you see the problem isn't deregulation it's that there was too much regulation and everyone didn't have equal access to each other's locations, which is what you need to stop a bad...

nah i can't do this fuck capitalism

@kittybecca @paul
me (reading your reply):
"Yo, what fuck are you — ayy nice”


Please tell me there is a way to FOSS our way around this invasion of privacy and still be able to use GPS for stuff like navigation, @aral

@Christian @aral The best you can do is use a mobile wifi device with laptop or tablet or something rather than a phone. As far as I know the mobile wifi devices don't have mandated location tracking by law (unlike phones that must be trackable for emergency calls).

You could still be tracked and sold by cell tower triangulation all the time the device is on though.

Really the only solution is laws restricting what companies can do. Or simply never interact with other humans or objects again

@paul @aral

> Really the only solution is [...] never interact with other humans [...] again.

Don't worry, I've already got that one covered 👌

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