Google pays "gig economy" workers $1 per hour to train its killer drones for Project Maven

There will come a time when it can just use data from your android phone or google product usage to predict where to kill you. No extra workers needed

@paul Last year I saw a play with a plot involving gamers tricked into fighting a real war. In the post-show discussion I told them I thought that they weren't being cynical enough in their premise.
Sucks to be right, sometimes :|

@priryo this sounds interesting, what's the name of the play?

@paul I'll have to check at home to see if I still have the programme.

@priryo @paul

That's also the major, major plot twist in Ender's Game.

@Brightlady_Lise @paul True! I had forgot that. Same twist, different setting and character dynamics.

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