What a surprise, GCHQ wants to use it's "equipment interference" powers much much more than when the law legalising it was passed.

Hacking people's devices is "seen an alternative to bulk interception". so not likely to be one-off cases

@adz interesting. I expected the interception orders to go over the heads of the messaging apps. would be compelled to add the backdoor to the OS itself so once messages were decrypted/viewable they would be sent to the agencies.

This means messaging apps would never be contacted or aware their users were targets.

worrying all the same though

@paul I think they're doing both. Imagine it from their PoV, why limit yourself if you don't have to? The backdoor-in-the-OS approach has some drawbacks especially on Android. Many custom ROMs available. Also, many phones no longer receive updates and will never get the new version with the built-in backdoor. Makes sense for them to do both.

@adz good point, we know from previous leaks they like to have as many routes into something as possible

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