Facebook mass deletes protest groups and pages.

Maybe think about not organising on Facebook?


One problem must be that these groups have nobody in them that are info tech/security savvy. Because if they do, and still choose to use a platform that is an obvious gas chamber, then maybe their motivation really is to capitalize off of it as accused.

I’m not saying there aren’t real concerns about police state, etc, but I don’t blindly believe any camp screaming for free speech on farcebook.

@wion I mentioned not organising on FB a few days ago and had a some people who were quite savvy arguing that it was a good place to organise because that's where everyone was 🤦


Ah, so we’re getting to the root of the problem, perhaps: not everyone who is tech knowledgeable is very savvy, in fact.

@wion @paul

which is where the work of, eg, @switchingsocial & the things they feature really needs to be spread

@wion yes. I think for some people there is an unwillingness to fully appreciate how harmful/hostile FB is for this sort of thing.

They see the functionality of FB as presented to the user, rather than the true risks from all the reasons FB exists: to provide intel for existing power, authorities, advertisers and manipulators

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