Pixel owners realising Google can fully control their phones after battery saving mode was switched on remotely for many handsets.


> normies realize obvious things clearly spelled out in the EULA they didn't read
@succfemboi @paul

i hope copperhead gets their shit together again. it was a good rom. else i'll have to go rom shopping :/

@succfemboi @xj9 Yeah I've been keeping an eye on this project.

Great that they are trying to keep phones usable past their EOL.

@paul @succfemboi

pmOS is a great project, but i'm looking for something that is mostly maintenance free atm. i have my own research os in the works, so i'd rather my phone be a safe appliance for now. same for my other non-research devices, manjaro and alpine serve me well and are pretty low maintenance.
@xj9 @paul I have LineageOS 14.1 on one of my phone from I think 2011, which gets weekly updates. They are still working on an Oreo port tho
@succfemboi @paul

lineage is where i plan to go if copperhead doesn't start rolling out updates soon

@paul I find it sad that people are just figuring out that phone providers and phone os's providers can pretty much do whatever they want to your phone by pushing an update.
That mixed with "ok Google" Siri and the like being always on recording devices. (Wire taps) that actually send that data to some server somewhere and its a wonder people arn't in a panic to regulate the management of data transfer between companies and consumers.

These companies sell your data never forget that.

@paul Experiment transparency is something we should start demanding from all software manufacturers.

@riking agreed. Plus the ability to opt out of it completely

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