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Old Crone @paul

SpiderOak warrant canary disappears implying they have been forced to secretly cooperate with the government and/or law enforcement/intelligence services


@charlyblack it's the first working canary that I have seen. There was a lot of speculation that they couldn’t work. I think the method they have used is an example of how to do it from a legally compliant standpoint. The big question is what were they “asked” to change? Is the service no longer zero knowledge? Does the server now collect data it didn’t before? Does the software now feature mandated ciphers or something similar?

@paul Never really trusted SpiderOak to begin with. Their software isn't open source, therefore not independently auditable.

@matt huh, I thought their client was open source but you’re right it’s not.

@paul They were pretty explicit that they just renamed their 'canary' - it hasn't disappeared.

@Modern_Industrial replaces, not renamed. It’s an entirely different document with an entirely different purpose

@paul It does have a larger purpose, but it covers the purpose of a warrant canary as well. They literally have a blog post called "A Transparency Report Is A Canary".


@Modern_Industrial Of course, that's what the secret order told them to say! 🕵️