So who funds Cloudflare really? they have only had $182.1M from investors. Can that and their paid options really cover the rest of their costs/profits since 2009 with over 500 employees?

Are they selling data from their free tier or is it a front for the US to gather data (or both)

Crunchbase has them listed under the "advertising" category so yeah I guess they're selling browsing data


But it would be interesting getting more info on this.

@paul they run a profitable business by building a service and then selling it to customers for more than it costs them to operate. A novel idea in this age of VC bubble irrationality, to be sure. :)

@eqe are there really that many paying customers? Most people are on the free tier with no intention to upgrade. Still it's possible they make money with it I guess.

On the other hand I wouldn't be surprised to find In-Q-Tel were an investor / partner

@paul yeah the CDN market is big business with excellent margins due to economies of scale, and CF is one of the two biggest standalone CDNs (Fastly is the other one). They are *not* hurting for cashflow. I was a Fastly customer at a previous gig and they were lots cheaper and better than us doing the same thing in-house.

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