Magento is the perfect example of something that is shit.

Declassified readers correctly identify the UK as an oligarchy. Less than 1% say UK is a democracy

Swearing about Google Drive 

Won't even download a single file on its own.

I guess all the engineers are working on ripping off advertisers and publishers and are too busy to make anything work for the plebs

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Swearing about Google Drive 

Fucking hell Google Drive is an utter piece of shit.

Cannot actually download a single file from the fucking thing.

right-click, select "download" > notification pops up saying zipping files, then nothing. No download.


Whenever Linux is discussed on "hacker" "news" some ding dong IMMEDIATELY pops up to bleat about how unreliable Linux is.

Are these people just repeating nonsensical received wisdom like they do when talking about Socialism or Communism?

Yes. Yes they are.

"oh Linux? That's the one where it doesn't work and is unreliable"

"oh Communism, that's the one where gulag and corruption"

Here's the FBI's Internal Guide for Getting Data from AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon

Good info. Interesting how providers can ping your phone's GPS to make it tell them where you are. Also, can force a call to a phone without it ringing to make it connect to the nearest tower and therefore give away location.

Would like to see similar for UK providers.

BBC propaganda 

This is how the BBC is reporting coronavirus case figures for different countries. As you can easily see, the UK compares well with other countries.

politics of the United Kingdom 

Why Have the Tories Cut Universal Credit?

“For the Tories, capitalism isn't a dynamic economic powerhouse requiring fearsome skills to manage, but a straightforward pyramid of class rule to be protected. This is what 200 years of modern Conservatism has taught us. They're serious about prosecuting their class interests. It's about time we matched that determination with some of our own.”


Does anyone use Lollipop Flatpak? (

I can't seem to get it to scan my music collection. Maybe due to it being a network drive (sshfs or webdav)

TFW you want a cup of cofe and then realise that you made one 10 mins ago and it's now ready to drink.

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