First, it specifically condemns the United Kingdom over “virulent attacks on the rights of LGBTI people that have been occurring for several years”. No surprises for any trans people following this in the UK. Britain has become a hotbed of exported transphobia in recent years

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Very interesting news today. The Council of Europe has voted to adopt a report on rising anti-LGBT abuse and sentiment around Europe and beyond - and it includes some very interesting points.

Sue Gray. Sue Gray. Sue Gray. Sue. Gray. Sue. Gray. Sue Gray? Sue. Gray.

toot contains link to an article with graphic descriptions of sexual assault 

The Met Just Apologised After Strip-Searching Me. I Don’t Believe a Word of It

GCHQ stopped submitting audits without telling anyone due to Covid. Plus Britain approves spying on journalists and hacking of citizens phones and computers in the past year

I guess the only way to fully power off the phone will be to let the battery die

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"We’ll dissect the iOS system and show how it’s possible to alter a shutdown event, tricking a user that got infected into thinking that the phone has been powered off, but in fact, it’s still running. The “NoReboot” approach simulates a real shutdown. The user cannot feel a difference between a real shutdown and a “fake shutdown.” There is no user-interface or any button feedback until the user turns the phone back “on.”"

How lucky have you been? Have you had Covid yet?

Retoot for reach

To Beat the Right, We Have to Understand Their Arguments

“conservatives use three rhetorical “theses” to make their case: the perversity thesis, the futility thesis, and the jeopardy thesis. He goes through each in turn, providing historical examples and deconstructing conservatives’ often stretched reasoning.”

Relb I’ve never even seen a masto meltdown as described but the image is beautiful to me

Post on Knacker Hues saying Americans greatly overestimate their social mobility.

Now I know without clicking the link to the comments that the top comment will be somehow rubbishing the article because it has the AUDACITY to imply that America is not the greatest country in the universe and that Americans are gods among men.

Aaaand, I'm entirely correct.

Apple quietly deletes details of derided CSAM scanning tech from its Child Safety page without explanation

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