I must follow all the right people because I haven’t yet seen a wrong opinion about current events.

politics of the United States / facebook 

Facebook won’t take any action on Trump’s post about shootings in Minnesota

Mark places his tongue firmly inside Donald’s arse and goes at it like a dog eating tripe.


If you are leaving your phone at home while protesting (and you definitely should), remember to leave it switched ON.

If your phone is at home, but off when it isn't normally this flags up as a difference in your normal routine and makes you stand out.

Johnny X's phone was off for the entire time human Y was observed at a place of interest. Suspicious.

Assange, UK Corruption 

Westminster chief magistrate overseeing Assange extradition, is vice-president and cyber-security adviser of a firm heavily invested in a company founded by GCHQ and MI5 which seeks to stop data leaks dailymaverick.co.za/article/20


Docket expands relationship with microsoft. Microsoft surrounding and embracing the open source / free software big orgs (github, NPM, docker etc) then will either slowly snuff them or add more and more proprietary and/or paid features to dilute the free software message/ideology.

Gmail is the worst. Slow, doesn't sync properly on IMAP, filters don't work consistently, stupid fucking attachment icons when someone emails you with a signature, google-levels of spying, forced "meet" bullshit because they are scared of Zoom the list goes on.

the politics of the United Kingdom 


What Have You Got To Say To That?

In defence of hecklers

The politics of the United Kingdom 


The Cummings scandal and political outrage as a diversion

The outrage over Dominic Cummings's latest scandal takes attention away from the real problem with UK's political elite.

This story is supposed to make you think GDPR is bullshit because oh no! a GRANDMOTHER posting pictures of grandchildren against their wishes has to take the pics down due to EVIL EURO GDPR forcing honest to god apple pie god bless american companies to do awful jealousy EU protectionism regulation-never-works communism


Not sure how that would actually work though 🤷‍♀️

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It would be great if you could link Music Player Daemon instances so one MPD could use another as its output.


Microsoft "is now the single largest contributor to open-source projects in the world, beating Facebook, Docker, Google, Apache, and many others."

What's next?


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