"Imagine if the apple you were eating for breakfast had 291 ingredients, or if the car you drove to work had 291 parts. You’d be worried, wouldn’t you?"

my dude, I have some news for you about cars

Trying to connect to some blind linux users to talk about accessibility, please boost

When women make a broad generalization about men*, stop before you reply "but not all men".

We know.

There are two options:

1) Make the broad generalization. Some men will have to stop and self-examine to see if they actually perform the behavior being criticized. Self-examination is good.

2) Specify "some men". This gives men who DO perform the behavior the excuse to say "well they don't mean ME". Enabling failure to self-examine is bad.

h/t @gingerrroot and @c0debabe for the thought


There's a Matrix hardfork in the works, which will be backed by a non-profit (unlike Matrix), called The Grid.

Nheko (a C++ client for Matrix) will be one the first clients to support the fork.
Mujx has currently ceased development on Nheko, and will resume + add support for Grid, if necessary, once Grid is ready.

Overview document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Zlh-QBvwIyhkUrBjav3sVeuHFxfExwBXaZf47dmHNtE/edit

(Non-Google link to the PDF, might be outdated: https://kamax.io/thegrid-sunrise_overview.pdf)

You can join their Matrix room #thegrid:kamax.io

Telemetry is pronounced to rhyme with Del Amitry

> I'm rich and white and I'm not used to people being able to choose whether to listen to my opinions

Love seeing "hackers" on HN cry about instances on the fediverse not putting up with their right-wing bullshit.

Lads, it's not too late to change your name to Skinny Mick and the Cigarettes

What annoys me about the Rolling Stones is just how utterly terrible their name is.

It is, however, less shite than "The Beatles"

Just another thought...

The mainstream media are totally incapable of covering antifascist street movements. Guardian et al got all the facts wrong.

They all use the same pictures of black clad guys at the front in order to push a narrative. The bloc was incredibly diverse and for most of the day was led by only women and non-binary people.

They confused the actually effective antifascist march with the lame static SUTR speeches. They clearly had no reporters on the ground.

#antifacism #uk

The media shouldn't really on AP photographers to take pics and then write a story remotely. They need reporters on the ground doing actual journalism to show the Dirty Fash Lads Alliance for what they really are.

These are reports from people who were actually there:



Will democrats ensure trump gets a second run by picking someone super rubbish to run against him next time? Zuckerberg? Oprah?

Twitter user: Dismisses #Mastodon by saying "well, millions more people find value on Twitter, and history is made most often on Twitter"

Me: Yes, value being created for the wrong network. It's like people who go to Trump rallies. On the one hand, its great people are getting out of the house...
...On the other hand, it's to a Trump rally.

Is it me or did capitalism’s slogan the last 30 years go from “better products!” to “what else are you gonna do you fucking asshole shut up”

It was actually them, too. infowars.com email address and everything.

One bright spot in my day so far: I got to kick InfoWars off m.s.

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