The Daily Wire Spent Thousands of Dollars Promoting Anti-Amber Heard Propaganda

"The conservative media outlet ran Facebook and Instagram ads for stories backing Johnny Depp"

UK politics & journalism 

The Shipman delusion: Why 'impartial' political journalism is often anything but

UK security service acting entirely in character, violent abuse, misogyny, right-wing extremism 

MI5 agent used secret status to terrorise girlfriend


DWP staff get power to arrest Brits in hardline Universal Credit fraud crackdown

"Tory DWP chief Therese Coffey will announce sweeping laws to mass-request bank account data and slap people with fines even if they're not convicted of a crime"


Ukraine better not win with this rubbish

*Reads hacker news thread on oil prices*

*dies of bootlicking and capitalism apologia*

uk politics. newspapers paid £100 million in bung from boris 

‘Bungs’ to Billionaires
Cummings Exposes Johnson’s Cash for Content Scandal

UK Politics, propaganda 

Britain plotted propaganda campaign against Amnesty International

Don't think this sort of thing stopped in the 1970s.

UK politics, Keith 

I actually lol'd.

In all seriousness though, no one on the left should even provide quotes to any UK newspapers. There should be an entire ban on speaking to any of them.

(not that Keith comes close to being on the left but, you know)

uk politics local elections 

“Go now, fuck off forever and never darken our door again you horrible fascist swine! !ake your horrific views with you, don’t let the door hit your treasonous, racist arses on the way out, you pond scum! And please remember to vote Labour on May fifth”


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