"My first impressions of web3" by Moxie Marlinspike moxie.org/2022/01/07/web3-firs

Really hits the nail on the head IMO. A good follow-up to Laurie Voss's recent piece: seldo.com/posts/crypto-the-goo

"People don’t want to run their own servers, and never will."

"With the shift to mobile, we now live firmly in a world of clients and servers – with the former completely unable to act as the latter."

These statements are so undeniably true, at least if you talk to a regular human being (who doesn't know their way around a unix terminal). It gives me no pleasure to admit it though, which is maybe why it's such a hard pill for so many technologists to swallow.

Even *I* don't really enjoy running my own servers; it's not fun for me to have to restart toot.cafe on my vacation because the server went down for the umpteenth time because it ran out of memory or got stuck processing video files or whatever. I do it because I'm a nerd, not because I inherently enjoy systemd config files.

@nolan to me this is really just an indictment of how badly the free software community has failed. why should you have to manually restart your server?

because all the tooling is designed around the idea of a team of professional oncall sysadmins, and no one has put the work in to make this kind of thing pleasant for amateurs. that doesn't mean it's impossible; just that we're not there yet because we suck at making things usable.

@technomancy @nolan I'd put that on the entire software community rather than just the "free" folks.

@oz but why should capitalist software developers take time to empower end users when all that does is make them less reliant on tech companies?

meaningful end-user empowerment can only be anti-capitalist.


@technomancy @oz

This may be related to your view

It's on Le Monde Diplomatique, one of the authors is @zacchiro


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