hate crimes, antisemitism, new project 

I just found out that the school I attended, American University, has had two swastikas, an SS, and a Magen David carved into the dorms.

This is exactly why my current project is so important.

I read about probably once incident like this every day or two, literally.

Don't tell me antisemitism doesn't exist, or any of that nonsense. It's incredibly common and it's scary as heck to be Jewish right now...


hate crimes, antisemitism, new project 


it may be presumptuos from me but I think it's not just antisemitism

It's antisemitism, it's racism. it's antimuslimness, it's machismo (see abortion), it's antilgbt hatred

it's the same hatred

it's white nationalism

it's extremely similar to what happenedin the 30ies

I know history does not repeat

but the psychological processes at the base of this are the same

And Google and the gafam are blowing on the fire for profit

hate crimes, antisemitism, new project 


Sorry, but no.

I've received plenty of antisemitism from folks on the left, from gay folks, from trans folks, etc.

I'm not letting them off the hook by saying that antisemitism is a white nationalist problem and I hope you don't either.

hate crimes, antisemitism, new project 


antisemitism by leftists doesn't negate what I argued

The French communists demonstrated against the military campaign against the Nazist Germany

Nowadays, some leftsts still condemn the american intervention in former Jugoslavia

Reactionary politics and white nationalism extends to the left too

I'm not leaving anyone off the hook


@AbbieNormal @emacsen Our societies have a special driving force for hating Jews. It cannot be explained as a side-effect of colonialism, classism or anything else, it can only be explained as hate on Jews holding a place of its own in modern and medieval European-descent history.

There is no "pragmatic" or "opportunistic" us and them. Jewish members of society generally aren't poor and relying on welfare. Jewish families have generally been around for decades or centuries, they're not coming from abroad and looking or speaking different. Jewish people are not displacing white people in the job market, there aren't enough Jews outside Israel for that to be a thing, outside the US even fewer.

In Sweden you may go your whole life without ever meeting a person of Jewish descent, and yet far-right narratives talk about the influence of Jews everywhere. It's downright bizarre unless you trace the lines back through history and see the damage that has been done and continues to be done. The Holocaust was not a freak incident, it was typical in every way except its scale.

Antisemitism exists because of stories told specifically about Jews for centuries, fomented at various times by the Catholic Church, Martin Luther, Nazis and society at large whenever an Other had to be blamed for society's ills and whenever an Other was needed to explain why some grand conspiracy would exist. Antisemitism has its own special traditions, symbols and other memes. It's not just another flavor of generic racism and xenophobia.


@clacke @emacsen

I see what you mean but I disagree

I think the psycological process at the base of antisemitism is the same

it's true that historically antisemtism has its specificity

but that's because the women issue and the lgbt issue and the way people can move today are relatively recent



@clacke @emacsen

that same psycological proccess is at the base of religious integralism, political integralism (think maoism) and at the base of negationism


@clacke @emacsen

I'm drawing this conclusion from a book, specifically

you can read it on line here

I undertsand there's no English translation but there's a German one


@clacke @emacsen

the same author published the same ideas in another book too that's more academic

maybe there is an English translation for the second one



@clacke @emacsen

I think the historical specificity of antisemitism is just contingent

The jewish identity lends itself particularry well to the psycological process the book describes

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