let's say that I'd like to have a single board computer for

1) publishing my personal indie blog as a Tor onion service

2) having an IRC bouncer

3) having my own instance of a fediverse service (pleroma ?)

4) having my own xmpp server

what is the best alternative ?

@AbbieNormal The Rock64 is probably all you need, and is a great deal. The RockPro64 is a significantly more capable board, but at a higher cost. Both have better IO and better upstream support than Raspberry Pi.

paging @kelbot for suggestions :)

(I'm guessing he'll suggest a discontinued Recon Sentinel if you can still find one on the cheap)

@FiXato @AbbieNormal The recon sentinels were about as good as it gets as far as capabilities/cost ratio when they were being liquidated for dirt cheap. Sadly, it seems that's no longer the case. Only ones I can find now are people trying to price gouge them for $100+ a piece on ebay.

@FiXato @AbbieNormal
My recommendations. I'm a big fan of the Odroid HC2/HC1 SBCs that I'm using for my servers. More than enough compute for my uses and for yours as well from the sounds of it. Price is very reasonable and they are designed to be servers with built in sata hdd/ssd slot. If you have any concerns about the CPU being 32 bit they also have a newer version with a more powerful and 64 bit CPU (Odroid HC4). Anything Pine64 or a Pi 4 would do well also.

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