Like a child, I've been trying to piece together enough of a new language in order to speak.

Tonight's effort:

"Mi volas imagi pli bona mondo."

Well said, simpler-me. I want to imagine a better world too.


@ckeen @RussSharek

I'd like too but my only tool is Duolingo

And I don't exactly love Duolingo 😕

@AbbieNormal @ckeen

I've been using a combination of anki, videos, and a free learn by email course I found:

Also do a search for 'lernu'. The course has been recomended to me but I've not tried it yet.

@RussSharek @AbbieNormal @ckeen

I was looking into making a better Anki deck, but then I got overwhelmed with work and I couldn't figure out how to generate Anki decks easily.

Perhaps we can geek out a solution that we can all contribute to?


@emacsen @RussSharek @ckeen

I don't even understand the concept of flash cards

never saw them

I was thinking of lernu and the course through email

But if they're not too cerebral I could try to understand them

@AbbieNormal @emacsen @ckeen

They were comfortable and fun.

I like the virtual flashcards for locking in the brute force memorization.

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