Not realising this, I downloaded Brave a few weeks ago and told my 12 year old grandson to use it!
Thanks for the heads up 👍

@anniemo71 @AbbieNormal
I've been super surprised at podcasts etc spouting on about how it's a good option, when they've also reported on dodgy behaviour in the past from them :blobfoxfacepalm:

@anniemo71 @swansinflight @AbbieNormal From that article “Before reading my post, I must warn you. I’ve received a ton of responses on Reddit (I didn’t post it, but it got quite viral). And I’ve been proved wrong on some statements. So I have to check their facts and correct the post.”

So perhaps not as bad as it makes it seem.

@mcg @anniemo71 @AbbieNormal "not as bad" doesnt make it not bad though. I'll check it out.

In the past, I'd seen reports they took support payments for sites, but unless the site contacted them they didn't pay it out. People have short memories.


I had wrongly assumed that the author was more authoritative

but after your remark I saw their blog and found a piece trashing systemd and that is a clear sign of being reactionary to me

I can't judge the validity of the arguments about Brave as I'm not ocmpetent enough

but I understand I made a mistake in publishing this toot 😖

@AbbieNormal oh no! I just found this mention! Oh darn! I will keep a better eye out myself, next time, but you have a point.

@blindscribe @AbbieNormal Nope. When you've rationalized to the point where a statement like "Telemetry and Privacy aren't necessarily at odds with one another" is a phrase you think means something, nothing you have to say can be trusted. I personally am not as concerned about my privacy as others, but I never the less get annoyed by self-deluding statements like this from big companies pretending to be pro-privacy. Privacy isn't a binary. Telemetry of any kind moves towards less private.

@fastfinge @AbbieNormal The initial post was updated, I will check back in to see when the changes are made and corrections are made to the initial post. All the same, I liked the initial post

@AbbieNormal @fastfinge I can still like something even if it has been debunked. But the previous toot about telemetry is correct.

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