I have been using briefly a project called ytcc for watchig youtube videos

ytcc only checks wether some accounts I follow have published some new video

But I get NO reccomandations


the experience is dramatically different

playing with out neurocognitive wiring should be illegal

oh and by the way, not involving any browser in watching videos is another dramatic improvement

so much better. So much !


I feel similarly about now using an RSS reader for news, vs a service like Google News- BUT...

I also wonder what happened to the idea of "Agents" who would work on our behalf. I feel like "the algorithm" took over, but I think recommendations *would* be nice, if they were something *I* controlled and were generated locally.


I agree, reccomendations are nice

I didn't mention agents because I never heard about them and I don't know the first thing about them

@AbbieNormal I wouldn't mind recommendation engines, and I can imagine situations where I'd actually find them valuable and pay for them on their own.

But only Pandora like situations where I can train them on "I want things that are like this but NOT like that, yes this is a good match and NO THAT IS NOT A GOOD MATCH" to aid me in discovery when I want to discover things.

But the whole 'monolithic' recommendation engine that tries to build an undifferentiated mass of things it things I want to watch coupled with autoplay or other kinds of 'engagement' system really has no legitimate function.



I agree

If reccomendations could expose the process they would be sustainable and even nice

@Azure @AbbieNormal I've been really loving Last.FM's tags recently. I can browse by popular in tag. I can also browse recursive circles of "people who listen to this artist listen to this artist". It's so much nicer than Spotify's monolithic recommendation engine where I'm not making choices about how it works


Many things could be called "playing with our neurocognitive wiring"



you seem the kind of person who argues about lgbt issues being straight just for the sake of arguing


No I just loved the phrase "playing with our neurocognitive wiring" and I played with it for a while

Realised that most of our civilisation is based on doing pretty much exactly that, and not much else

So, thank you.

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