Jellyfin seems to work in the raspberry pi 4, it was easy. I still don’t have the hdd so I’m just testing with an ssd. Today I want to install pi hole but when the hdd arrives I wanted to install the os too on the hdd

@AbbieNormal I’ve never tried it and someone on Fosstodon suggested Jellyfin some time ago. I tried it and I liked it, it also has an official mobile application (don’t know about Kodi)

@AbbieNormal basically because I don’t have money for a 1TB ssd

@AbbieNormal @SonoMichele isn't Kodi a client-side thing (vs Jellyfin is a media server style solution)?

@ssafar @AbbieNormal I don’t know about Kodi but I can say that Jellyfin is a media server, I’m pretty sure it is

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