Repost of something I put on Twitter, in response to a post about "Shuttering Google Reader Killed Blogging"

a repeat mistake: being excited about a decentralized system's success because a big player moves in, becoming reliant on it, not providing a better alternative, big player leaves, decentralized system dies from shock

see also xmpp and gtalk

hoping to do better...

"Providing a better alternative" also means more than just "make the UI nice and easy to use", though that's a critical step. What is required to become a participating node in the system? How hard is it to keep that software running?

And yes, before you point it out, I don't think ActivityPub is in a good place here. But I think we can do better (and if you look, you can tell how that's impacting my current research & development)

@AbbieNormal Datashards is one component, yes! And application towards the fediverse is a large motivator there.

The next big component is the CapTP work happening in Spritely Goblins.


Ludovic Cortes published a reference to a project made in Guile a few days ago

And that resembles some of what you are doing, it mentions "capabilites" explicitely

Do you know about that ?

@AbbieNormal Yes, I think you are referring to @pukkamustard's ERIS and openEngiadina systems

@pukkamustard has been in regular communication with the loose group of people defining Datashards at the moment (facilitated and organized by @emacsen) and we've definitely been in communication. We're hoping for convergence.

@AbbieNormal So yes, @pukkamustard's stuff thus is very similar to Datashards, might very well converge. What I don't think @pukkamustard is doing *yet* is the distributed *programming* ocaps stuff that I'm doing in Spritely Goblins. But I hope that can change; I loosely have on my agenda to try to evangelize that approach to them, with sufficient interest!

(I also plan to port Goblins back to Guile too, so that should make it easier.)

@cwebber @pukkamustard

You're right, I overlooked distributed programming

That's because I don't understand what it is

Instead, I pretty well understand the opportunities of distributing structured information (semantic balh blah) in a NOT client/server fashion

@AbbieNormal @pukkamustard You're not alone. It'll be easier to understand once I have more demos available :)

@cwebber @pukkamustard

I attempted to distribute a bunch of triples along the standards of the semantic web myself, some time ago

A server was lent to the project by a local unversity lab

But that didn't last, because managing servers is challenging

If I had the opportunity, I would have distributed the data myself !

@pukkamustard @cwebber

I know something about RDF and graphs !

And that's why I'm excited about your work !

Further, it's made in Guile !!!

@cwebber @pukkamustard @emacsen

yes ! That's exaclty what I was referrign to !

I was impressed by it !

And I'm glad you know about each other !

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