would it be so crazy if I published my personal blog asan rss feed ONLY and no web page ?

@AbbieNormal The only potential problems I see are: 1. that you won't have a "perma-link" for the older articles, since feeds are usually limited to N most recent posts (typically 10-30). 2. Some feed readers limit the length of entries displayed and assume you will click on the article link to read the full content.


Iìd produce the rss feed with my own means (Guile Haunt) so I get to decide how maly posts my feed will contain

As for readers epecting people to click and go to a web page...

uhm... 🤔

@AbbieNormal But maybe that's what you're looking for. I mean, it makes your discourse more ephemeral. You write something and at some point, it disappears. It is an interesting idea that contrasts with the conventional wisdom that "internet is forever".

@AbbieNormal In my experience, minimizing barriers always is a win.

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